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Automatic Coat Lift


This automated wardrobe lift is Ideal for Closet Organizing.

Closet Lift lowers clothes out of the wardrobe to within comfortable reach of a seated person.

Simple and easy installation inside closet / wardrobe.

The ideal Closet organizer!


closet organizer girl in wheelchair

Fits wardrobes and closests:

23.75" to 39.4" (60 - 100 cm).

Includes cable hand control.

COATLIFT lowers the clothes rail in a curved movement down to a comfortable position.





COATLIFT Technical Info




COATLIFT's adjustable width of 22" - 30.25" (56 - 76.8 cm).

Electrical connection to be located in the cabinet / closet or close by.



Anchor the wardrobe to the wall to prevent it tipping forwards.

The lift mounts inside the wardrobe.

Adjust the width on the clothes rail and screw the support to the right side of the wardrobe.

The control unit is plugged into the wall socket

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